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Tondo in the Park                             May 2011

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On the 8th of May 2011, Tondo staged an exhibition in Harold’s Cross Park as part of the Harold’s Cross Community Festival.

The members of Tondo believe that exhibiting outside the gallery setting brings a new impetus to their work and allows them the freedom to investigate ideas which might not otherwise come to the surface.  It also encourages them to continually look afresh at their art practices and to explore and experiment with alternative methods and materials. 

Themes for new work generally emerge in response to particular spaces and in this case, the public park in Harold’s Cross was a rich source of inspiration for the group.  The park was established in 1894.  In the past it has been an execution ground with a gallows maintained by the Archbishop of Dublin, a village green and a place for drovers to rest their cattle before heading across to the cattlemart at Smithfield.  It was also a key meeting point for the Society of United Irishmen.  Robert Emmet was arrested nearby after the rebellion in 1798.

During the festival, the park provided the backdrop for a number of installations, sculptures and conceptual works.  Artists taking part in the exhibition included Gerard Cox, Eve Parnell, Eoin Mac Lochlainn and Paul O’Hare.  

I was the curator for this project and I also had 2 pieces in it, “All for one and one for all”, an intervention on the Handkerchief tree and “Conspiracy of Crows”, seen below

( The image at the top of this page is by Eve Parnell and the “Emotional Ladder” below is by Gerard Cox )

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